Building Custom Business Integration Platforms Since 2009

What You Need

You’ve been searching for six or more months, trying to find a pre-built software package that works for your business needs. Every time you find a pre-packaged solution that seems promising, you end up having to ask yourself “Can I live with this, despite what it doesn’t do for me?” 

It’s a classic 90/10 problem

Most pre-built software packages can solve 90% of your needs, but that 10% it doesn’t will always bother you. That is where a tailored solution from RubyHaus comes in.

We build and maintain enterprise-level systems customized to your needs and you don’t need to be enterprise-level to utilize us.

Our expertise means that we can build things that other ERPs can’t do “out-of-the-box.”  We’re able to fill that gap — we can get you to exactly what you want, exactly the way you want it. It’s exciting (we know) and we happen to be great at it. Even better, if you already invested a large amount of money into that pre-built system, we can build custom integrations between it and any new solution you have us build. Data can come from many different places (and software) and we are experts at bringing it all together so you can easily manage it and make decisions based on it.

Our Development Process

1 Discover

Getting to know our clients is first priority. Exploring every possible idea, analyzing market trends and the competitive landscape, allows us to develop a realistic plan of action.

2 Design

We take an organically structured approach. Communication, visuals and functionality are the key ingredients. We delicately blend the perfect balance of form and function.

3 Discuss

At the foundation of launching a successful campaign, is good communication, collaboration and trust. We believe in the involvement of our clients during the process.

4 Develop

The phase by which the roadmap takes physical shape in its truest form. We spend a lot of time executing the details. We may even go back into discussion at times to refine.

5 Debug

Much like exterminating un-wanted pests, this phase keeps us on our toes. We run the developed system into the ground, push the limits and revise until 100% satisfied.

6 Deploy

This is where the developed concepts come to life. Using a variety of mediums… we are able to increase consumer awareness, build relationships, and drive sales.

What We Do

Have you already purchased a pre-built package and it’s not quite doing what you need? No problem – we can integrate all the technology that currently makes your business run, while building new features that take your business to the next level.

Integration options include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Third-party payment systems (Authorize.Net, Stripe, Sage and PayPal)
  • Customer relationship management systems (Salesforce, Goldmine, ACT!, ZohoCRM, and many others)
  • Applicant tracking systems (iCims, Oracle Taleo, and many others)
  • Warehouse management systems (Oracle, SAP, J.D. Edwards. and many others)
  • Enterprise resource planning systems (Oracle, SAP, TIBCO, Epicor, and many others)

Even better, with every project we keep the latest security processes in mind. Our solutions have helped Fortune 500 companies handle millions of transactions worth over $1B annually – and trust us – they care a great deal about security. At a minimum, every system we develop adheres to PCI security standards, which keeps personal information safe, and we’re well-versed in all the important security protocols: SHA-512, 256-bit AES, etc. In short, we create a solution that is customized to help you run your business. Our team of experts in custom application development have experience working with clients in various industries — probably even yours. We’ve helped hundreds of companies since 2009, and we can help you too.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies since 2009, and we can help you too.

Custom Built With You In Mind

A solution tailored specifically for your business, can seem daunting – we get it. We’re here to make the transition as smooth as possible and we have no shortage of happy clients to testify to our capabilities.