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What You Need

If you have a website or web application that was developed prior to finding us (or if you are looking for some help with that), making it available online is another thing you have to think about. When you set about trying to find a hosting company, you’ll quickly realize there are thousands of options out there – many with rock-bottom prices that don’t seem real. Running on the assumption that all hosting companies offer basically the same thing, you decide to give that company with the rock bottom price a try.

They’re Not All The Same

Prepping for a presentation tomorrow for your company’s latest offering, and the client you’re presenting to calls to say something is wrong with your site. You try to pull it up and…nothing. In a panic, you need to contact your hosting company, so you start searching through everything you have to find a number, but no luck – they only offer support via a ticketing system, where you’re just one in a queue of hundreds or thousands of other clients. You submit the highest priority ticket you can, but it still takes them a full 24-hours to respond and get everything up and running again for you. In the meantime, that new client is immediately on edge and it’s a bad impression. Once the dust settles, you find out that your “hosting company” is actually a reseller of a larger company’s hosting products, so when you submit your ticket to the reseller, they have to push it up to the chain to the people who actually own the hardware.

Our Cloud Breakdown

1 Redundancy

Redundant internet connections from major providers, redundant routers, switches and a clustered server environment – we make sure no single failure point exists.

2 Offsite Backup

Our nightly backups go to the west coast, so we’re protected from both hardware failures and catastrophic weather events.

3 It’s Ours

Too many companies rely on someone else’s hardware which results in delayed response times when the unexpected happens. We don’t trust your data to the reliability of hardware we can’t manage.

4 Solid State Storage

Our priority is making sure we can serve up your content as fast as possible in the digital age and we were the third company in North America to implement a SAN with solid state storage. It doesn’t get faster than this.

5 Passionate Support

Something not working the way you expect it to? We’re a phone call away – 800-277-3511.

6 Blinky Lights

Oh yeah, we have those.

We're Different

Our hosting solutions cover everything from shared through dedicated, virtual private servers. Just as we build custom applications, we also will build a hosting package that works for you. And unlike some hosting shops, we own all our hardware, so we have full control over the maintenance and functionality. In fact, and we don’t like to brag (okay, maybe a little), our network is fully redundant and our servers are clustered, so that service is optimized. When one server, switch or router is taken down for maintenance, the others seamlessly pick up the work load. We have a fully redundant infrastructure, offsite backups more than 1,000 miles away (so off-off-off site), and SAN storage with solid state drives. That means our service is not only always available, but it’s also fast. If you’re the type who is into the numbers, our disk IOPS top out at over 70,000 and internet bandwidth is over 1gbps.

In other words, we are ready and able to host your business solutions exactly the way you want it. Our experience will help us guide you, so you will safely get what you need and if an issue arises, we’re only a phone call away at 800-277-3511.

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